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My Life as a Youth Pastor Wife

Never did I ever think I’d be a pastor’s wife. I remember when I became a Christian and realized the partnership I’d have for the rest of my life would be founded on the beliefs we both had, so I prayed. I asked God for a Godly man, but a pastor would be... a little too much... a little too good... so if He could please verve away from that title so long as he’s a good Christ following man, I’d be happy.

But God had another plan…

When we met, Marc was studying business wanting to go into marketing. Long story short, obviously he’s currently a youth pastor at Pacific Coast Church in San Clemente for the junior high ministry, Now and Forever.

When I reflect on not only our first year of marriage but as a youth pastor wife, I can’t say I know any different because well yeah it’s the only job that he’s had while we’ve been married for a year. So for me it’s my normal.

I will say, it feels like we are both entrepreneurs because he’s the guy in charge of the ministry and obviously I own my business. So it is helpful that we both have control over what direction our careers are headed.

We have seasonal brainstorms for planning the fall, spring and summer calendars. And likewise with my business. His ministry brainstorms have a lot more candy and prizes involved. Our talents compliment each other. I think about details, practical steps, the communication, whereas Marc see’s vision, overall experience, and fun.

Marc is definitely hand-on when I need him. He’s helped me with filming if I’m double booked, or on retreats. He has a fun creative eye that pushes me to try new things and he pushes me in the ministry too.

This past month I got to preach on my story, my testimony with depression. Check it out here. It was a great learning experience to get on stage, share my story and create practical takeaways.

I often don’t know how much or how little to share about his job and the crossover, but this feels like a good first step.

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