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Getting to know your videographer BEHIND the camera

One of my favorite things about working with clients is getting to know them BEYOND their business. We develop a relationship so that they’re comfortable on camera. It’s important that they trust that I’ve got their back, both in terms of the content but also WHO they are as a person-- because THAT will outsell any competitor.

As I was thinking about this in light of my own business, I want my clients and future clients to feel like they know ME. So this week, I thought I’d take a break from my video tips and client features to give you a sneak peek into ME. You ready? Let’s DO this!

One of the most significant parts of my life outside of my work is my marriage. Marc and I have been married for 8 months and it’s honestly the best thing ever. We dated for awhile and worked out a LOT of our issues.

Now that we live together and are married, I just feel settled. It’s this strange mix of feeling like we waited forever and also that who we are as a family has always been there. It’s both new and exciting and also… HOME in the very normal, typical way.

The other day we sat down and wrote our values as a couple. We walked through Marriage 365’s “Understanding Childhood” webcast and reflected on our own families of origin and how that plays into us as we create our own family.

Honestly, it made me just sit and cry, mainly out of gratitude for what Marc and I have right now, and what we’re building for our future. I spent a lot of my childhood moving back and forth between my mom and dad’s home, and then I went to 5 different colleges. So to know I am here, to know that I am HOME, feels like I’m living a dream.

If you’re married, you probably remember the beginning stages. We’re figuring out the daily things of life. He cooks a lot (which his family is SHOCKED to know!), and I do the laundry. We both take out the trash, and we both are figuring out the work/life balance.

These first 8 months have been everything I hoped for and also better than I expected. I married my best friend, so having that foundation of friendship before we said I Do has made all the difference.

So this is us, 8 months in. He’s a part of my business, and I’m a part of his. We dream together, and we also make sure our home looks and feels like us-- including a mini pool table. Because if we’re in this together, be it marriage, business, or quarantine, we want it to look and feel like US-- full and fun and like HOME.

P. S. The amazzzing photographer who captured these gems is Jeff Spencer, find him at

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