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My goals for 2022

My goals for 2022

Going on my fourth year of business I am EXCITED. I feel like I’ve finally got a grip on what I’m doing, how I serve my people and my role in the business.

Before looking ahead, I want to applaud all the work that went into 2021. I had over 126 video shoots, over 57 photo shoots & countless hours editing. I had a goal of gaining more retainer clients and I did exactly that. I’m super proud of all the work I put in and am excited to continue working hard at my goals.

A transition that I wasn’t expecting to happen this year was for my main editor to stop working with me when he went to college. I totally understand where he was coming from wanting to enjoy and experience all that college has to offer.

So I pivoted hard & fast and found a new editor who is wonderful and amazing at what he does. His name is Ethan and he goes to GCU. I greatly admire that he's willing to work while in college full time.

As I look to 2022 I want to keep my brand promises of quick delivery time, amazing quality and content that benefits your business by gaining new clients.

The values that continue to drive me are gratitude, creativity, responsibility, fun and honesty.

Being a person & leader that’s grateful for the little & large things I have. Creative, I think of myself as a dreamer & do-er that is capable of amazing things. Responsible, watching every dollar I make closely & spending or saving it wisely. Fun, I find joy & laughter in everyday things. Honesty, I value honesty and treat others with honesty & integrity.

I have a handful of goals to conquer in the new year.

My biggest focus is something that’s behind the scenes right now. I’m working on my first beta test of this offer and am thrilled to share in the coming months what has worked, what failed, and where we land.

My second goal, which might be just as important as my #1 focus is obtaining more retainer clients, monthly or quarterly. I'm currently training a freelancer, Erin, on my shooting style. She's fresh out of college and is eager to learn the world of videography. I aim to have her be able to go out on retainer shoots so I can continue serving even more local businesses.

Retainer clients are business owners that I work with monthly or quarterly, batch shooting anywhere between six to a dozen or more videos. The Win Win of being a retainer client is that you have plenty of content to post consistently that’s edited by the same mind so it’s always on brand.

I’ll be posting more reels and experimenting with what “formula” works best for service based businesses. My goal in trying out more reels is to see if it does in fact lead to more business and from there can recommend my clients better.

The way I’m approaching reels…

My minimum goal is to post one a week because I think (52) is a realistic amount that I can achieve. I always like to use the same rule of thumb that my clients use when hiring me. I mark the goal: 52, batch shoot in a couple days to load up on at least a month or two’s worth (4-8), let go of any perfectionism critiques I might want to hold onto which would prevent me from posting and schedule another shoot for myself a couple weeks from now.

The key to keep in mind - even for myself - is to make sure to schedule a time to write the content before shoot day, a time to record that works for my setting and a different time to edit.

1) When I write out all my ideas, I look to other resources to give me ideas for sure! But I also come up with ideas by looking through my camera roll. Then I double check my scripts/outlines to make sure it all makes sense. I want to feel confident about the topics and content, not question the material when I'm shooting. Do you have trouble coming up with ideas? More on this later…

2) Recording- I prefer to use the natural light that’s in my office which is around 1-4pm. Think of any props/background beforehand to order them in time! I’m using this cool yellow backdrop to spice up the feel and to brand my reels. I won’t use it in all of the reels I’m making because I want to rotate backgrounds.

3) Edit time. I’ve been editing them as I’m making them but I don’t think it’s been the best way to maximize my shoot time. Because after all, when recording I’ve done my makeup, hair, set the background exactly how I want it and boosted myself up with enough confidence to convince myself to do it so I shouldn’t waste that precious time.

So far I’ve made 7, which feels so lame because it took me 3 hours. BUT that’s because I had been editing them too. So I have 45 more to make, yikes and woohoo!

For any of you that are like myself, I can give ideas all day long to clients but when it comes time for me to write my own stuff I blank. So I’ve been taking notes from Elise Darma, here's a couple starter reel templates that she suggests:

A Yup/ Nope - answer questions that your clients commonly ask you that are yes or no. From there you can just shake your head yes or no to the questions that are written out on the screen.

Answer a Question - The 3 most common personality traits that your best clients have. I like this one because it’s showing future potential clients what is attractive to you.

Talking Head Tip - Something like, how do you plan your day?

Excited to see what this year brings! Let me know in the comments what your 2022 goals are :)

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