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DIY your video but with the good stuff

Now, more than EVER, people are LIVING on their phones. We are checking the news, FaceTiming with family, refreshing for new emails, and, of course, spending SO MANY hours on social media we can’t even count them.

Which is why it’s essential that entrepreneurs improve their digital presence, ESPECIALLY with video content.

We are all starving for real connection, and video marketing makes that possible. Want to know more about this idea? Make sure to catch my blog on pushing record while quarantined.

So if you’re ready to dive in, I’ve got you covered, even if you don’t have the budget to hire a videographer. Here’s some gear you need to pull off some killer DIY videos:

  1. Get you some good light - This ring light is the best option, but if not, make sure you’re right near some natural light!

  2. Film with something besides your hand - This gooseneck phone holder allows you to film yourself… without holding it in your hand or against a stack of books.

  3. Grab that microphone - This mic is about $40. If you’re on a budget, just make sure EVERYONE in the house is super quiet-- audio pics up every little sound!

  4. Pull out your iPhone - Just make sure it’s 4k compatible. Not sure how that works? Check out this little snapshot of what it looks like!

  5. Don’t skimp on the hard drive! Even if you think you have a lot of space-- get a hard drive for filming and editing!

If you’re curious what a professional videographer uses, here’s a list of the gear I use for all my clients:

  • Three softbox lights-- I can do different angles with backlighting and that can be a really cool effect.

  • A 4k capable camera with a great lens that does that blurring out the background thing that we all love.

  • A shotgun mic

  • Two lav mics-- great for interviewing a colleague, client, etc.

  • A boom mic with a fluffy cover to block out any wind when we're shooting outside

  • A drone!

  • Endless hard drives. (No really, I do.)

So, whether it’s you pumpin out the DIY videos or you hire me to do all that good stuff for ya, the next thing you need are the right WORDS to say on camera. Look no further! I made it super super easy for you to figure out what to say here. Click here to

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