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Push record while quarantined

This is something you CAN control right now: show up on video for your clients.

Having video a part of your business infrastructure isn’t future proofing your business; it’s NOW proofing for your business. So, even if you have had zero video presence up until now, my encouragement is to START TODAY.

Here’s why you should show up on video consistently:

  1. You’ll get more comfortable.

  2. You’ll have a rhythm your audience can count on.

  3. You’ll know how to serve your clients.

With video, you get FACE time with your clients and potential clients. Who actually has face time with their clients right now? Nobody. It all has to be virtual. And now, more than ever, people want people they can trust. Showing your face on video will build trust and credibility with your audience.

Being a trusted source means you become an educator in your field, which leverages even MORE opportunity. And let’s be honest, you can teach via video SO much quicker than a photo.

Finally, if you are starting to use video on your own, make sure you’re super consistent not only in content but in accessibility. Pick a lane and stick to it: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

AAAND, wouldn’t you know, I can help you make it look real professional, all from within social distancing standards.

So, entrepreneurs, push record while quarantined. Get after it. It’s a great time to show up, be-- or BECOME-- a trusted voice in your industry, ESPECIALLY in light of all of the uncertainty.

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