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How to Download from PixieSet

Pixieset is a very common platform that photographers use to send albums to clients. I personally really enjoy the website functions and features from the backend and the front end.

Downloading to your computer

When you get an email like this, all you need to do is click on the photo to open the full album page on Pixieset.

There might be a password and there is always a 4 digit pin number. Remember those numbers or copy them on your keyboard.

When you open the page scroll the the part that looks like this it'll say "Print Store" and there's a cart icon, heart icon, download arrow icon, and share icon.

See the arrow with the line under it? Click that! Hitting that arrow brings you to this page

Download Photos Page

From here, you add your email and that four digit code

You can choose high resolution or web resolution images to download. Either work great.

Now pixietset will make a downloadable zip file, which you click on & the full album

Ta-da! You did it!

Downloading a Pixieset album to your phone

Follow the same steps as above

You got this!

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