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10 reels you should make TODAY

Here are my top 10 reel ideas for your business! Instagram reels are like a mix of Instagram stories & creativity

Idea #1 - Introduce yourself

This is a great way to share what you do, how long you've been doing it and a personal element.

This helps people get to know the business owner behind the operation! You can even use this audio & follow the moves they say

Idea #2 - 3 qualities of your favorite clients

I find this one to be super helpful because it helps attract the type of people you already like to work with, like mine for example

Along the same lines, you can make a video that shows all the great client testimonials you've received!

All of this information helps paint the picture to potential clients what they have to look forward to when working with you.

This helps set the right expectations and get you both on the same page.

Idea #3 - Name three benefits to working with you

This can broaden the way your potential customers see how you can benefit their needs.

A realtor for example could say:

  • Benefit #1: Buyer’s agents aren’t paid for by you - the buyer - so it costs nothing & you benefit from my expertise

  • Benefit #2: I have a gauge on the current market & know how to leverage your offer

  • Benefit #3: My resources range from lenders to plumbers; I have people that can help with your situation - whatever it may be!

Idea #4 - Show BTS to all the hard work you put in

  • Set your phone up & record simple tasks like working on your computer

  • Taking phone calls

  • Driving around

  • Setting up a project your working on

  • Use the text feature to really bring home all the elements you do for your business

Idea #5 - Be funny! Use a popular audio

Use trending audio and apply them to your line of work

Like this guy, he's hilarious!

Maybe you're wondering how to find trending audio?

Hop onto the reel explore page and start scrolling. After awhile I guarantee you will hear the same tracks playing over and over again. This is a clue that it's popular to use!

Here's how to save audio

See the line at the bottom right there saying "Gossip girl here" click that!

Then click Save!

Idea #6 - Talk about new laws or guidelines

I’ve found this topic idea to be helpful to fields that are affected by the government, like firearm regulations, new props with taxes or homeownership, even guidelines about how to navigate tough topics with your spouse

You can get really creative with how you show the laws or guidelines like this gal Sara.

She's using the green screen feature to highlight the cash that could be dropping into your account.

Idea #7 - Show your team

Why do that?

  • Gives a broader view of your company

  • Add with text what they love about their job

  • What they do

  • Or if you don’t have anybody else working with you, show your spouse. I don’t think it’s ever a bad idea to show a more personal side to yourself

Idea #8 - Products you use in your business

Shows how you use the product & entices people to buy it!

This reel from Liz made me instantly go to Amazon & purchase the bottle organizer.

It was so relatable and she had the solution I needed!

If you own the product you can have a ton of fun styling around holidays, seasons or with cute decor.

Idea #9 - This or that

You can compare two products & caption is "which do you prefer?"

Or you can walk off the side of the camera you prefer adding text on top

Idea #10 - Show what you did over the weekend

Might sound weird but this is currently one of my most popular reels.

You're not just a business, you're a person & people buy from people!

My mentality towards reels has been experiment, have fun with it & help show potential clients how they can use video to grow their businesses

I want to encourage you, it might seem funny or weird to do some of these ideas but hey, you’re a confident business owner who loves what you do! You got this!

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