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Making professionals
look professional on camera.

You know your stuff, you just need to look good while doing it

Choose your fit


One Time Video

An online course, a workshop event, a sizzle reel, a retreat, etc.


Consistent Retainer Videos

New monthly videos for your membership site, podcast or social media.


Somewhere in between

A marketing campaign, landing page video, a package of videos for the year, etc.

I'm Rachel

I believe every good entrepreneur has a message to share with their specific audience. I'm Rachel, I help professionals...the experts in the field... looks well, like a professional on camera. 

I'm helpful by nature, constantly curious which makes me already intrigued in what you want to share online, motivated by the potential future and value having an agree alignment with what projects I work on.


My Clients Say

Screenshot 2023-12-12 at 5.20.02 PM.png

"Holy smokes!! I'm blown away. I can't imagine making any corrections! These are so amazing! You are so talented!"

Erin Brown, Designer + Renovation Enthusiast

High quality videos that put your expertise on display

Deliver great videos to your unique audience.

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