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What to say on social media?

How to think about and talk about your business online is dependent on the type of business you operate, obviously.

You need think about what you offer and how you want to communicate it.

Talking to the service providers out there. I’m going to break down a case study from a client I’ve worked with Coastal Organization Co. Liz Wann is the owner and operator who’s isn’t just a professional organizer, she’s a mom, a wife, a human.

Example: Coastal Organizing company is a service based company, Liz primarily demonstrates the “After Product” of the service that is provided. She shows before and after so that her future and ongoing clients know what they are going to get.

What she communicates:

1 - Professional Organization (her service)

2 - Tips for Organizing (+ products she recommends)

3 - She’s a Human & Fun to Work with

The primary objective is to show her ideal customer what they will experience. A secondary objective is education on the topic of organization. Such as, “Tips Around the Holidays” or “How to Purge” so that you get an idea of the overall experience she offers with examples you can implement in your own life.

However, she also hops on camera and mentions other elements of her life and business. Such as the fact that her and her husband are both entrepreneurs. Or that she’s a mom and the false idea that since she’s an organizer her house must be perfect. She's showing she's personable and understanding. Communicating she's not just one element of the business but a personable woman to work with.

Your message is dependent on your offer. Let’s look at another case study and extract what we can apply in our own businesses.

TapRackBang Training is a firearms training service. They provide in-person training classes from certifying CCW permits to introductory women’s classes to firearms.

The Offer:

1 - firearms training classes

2 - firearms education

3 - self defense tips

4 - laws that impact firearm holders

5 - Meet the team of instructors

Each element is a part of what your business offers in the personality to what the customer pays for.

The fun part is you can get creative in the way you highlight and rotate between these topics. Such as, they host classes nearly every weekend so the majority of their content is demonstrating what a class looks like. A majority of their Instagram content is focused around the firing and safety of guns.

Their Youtube content covers all of these topics. They have so much to talk about that they post two videos weekly on Youtube and two posts a day on Instagram. A creative marketing tactic that I’ve helped implement is “Trainer Highlight Thursdays”. Every Thursday a video is released allowing you to get to know an instructor that works at TRB. Each Thursday a preview of that trainer video is posted on Instagram with the full length on YouTube.

You can rotate between elements of your business.

Bottom line, what your message is on social media is dependent on your offer. Have fun and be creative.

A few questions to ask yourself:

  • What’s the number one element of my business I want to communicate?

  • What visuals will communicate that story?

  • Am I showing the outcome of what my clients experience?

Not sure what hashtags to use? Follow the 15-10-5 guideline, on this blog.

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