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Client Video #2: Online Courses with Marriage 365

Here’s a stat for ya: in 2019, the market size of online courses was a 190 billion dollar industry. Now that we’re in the time of pandemic and SO many businesses are having to alter their content to be in a consistent digital space, online courses are a GREAT way to still reach your market.

On this week’s blog, I’m going to give you a GREAT example of Marriage 365’s online courses. Marriage 365 is a nonprofit that exists to help couples connect through practical tools and resources. When I worked with them, we built one of their online courses: Affair Recovery.

With Marriage 365 we created a 10-part video that includes PDFs and audio files. I filmed and edited the videos and then I pulled the audio files as well, making it easy for people to listen along. Finally, there are promo clips we cut up to post to YouTube Instagram to promote and drive sales to the Affair Recovery Course.

With this company, the two co- founders, the Castons, don’t use a teleprompter-- though that IS something I offer. They just know their content super, super well. Once they get going, they GO and I’m here for it all!

For this particular project, we used a whole new branding graphic package to showcase their brand in a different way, but still keeping the clean and professional look like they always have.

We shot for two long days-- but it’s WORTH IT! Now their course runs on its own and they have materials to continually promote it, without having to get out of their house.

So, if you’re looking into online courses to keep your revenue stream flowing while people are stuck at home, let me know and we can make it happen.

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