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Talk about an entrepreneur who’s got a trendy skill .... ORGANIZING! Krista is often so busy with her organization projects that when we got together it really made the most sense for me to make the content for her.

She would organize the kitchen & then I could go at it highlighting all the corners and crevices she’d made so tidy. I shot these reels & a handful more!

All the while Krista was upstairs organizing the next room and the next.

I'd follow her around after she finished each one to take pictures & make a reel of the transformation.

I will say it's rare for me to work without having to have you, the expert, on camera the whole time.

Look, as a business owner you have so much going on that you can’t do it all. That’s where it can make sense to outsource elements of your business, such as content creation.

This obviously doesn’t work for all businesses - most of the time YOU the should be hopping in front of the camera.


If you're interested in getting your space organized, contact Krista at

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