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Back in 2019 I started working with TapRackBang and since then we’ve been able to monetize the channel, reach over 151.7K a month, and add 100 subscribers a month. This comes down to consistency and search-ability.

TRB posts weekly on Thursdays. We rotate between tips, education on new laws or propositions, product reviews and get to know the team.

What’s great about our shoot schedule is we batch shoot enough content to post weekly for several months. By using my video production sheet the team is able to stay organized and on top of our content calendar.

When I’m working with retainer clients and specifically Youtube clients, I always recommend we utilize the production sheet so we can all be on the same page. The beauty of the sheet is that it encompasses all the information in one place.

The title of the video, the link, publish date, tags, and more. From here, their team members can hop on & easily grab the links for their email broadcasts.

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