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Entrepreneurs: get comfortable on camera

Want to know one of the BIGGEST reasons entrepreneurs don’t invest in video marketing?

They are uncomfortable being on camera. They are intimidated by putting their face out there so they just...don’t.

We’ve already established that in 2020, it’s vital for business owners to have video marketing as a part of their infrastructure. So how can entrepreneurs get over this seemingly insurmountable hurdle?

Start taking videos.

(I know! Shocking!)

The truth is this: it takes about 50 videos to get comfortable on camera. So if you’re going to get over the awkward feeling, you better start, like, YESTERDAY.

Let’s make this simple, though. Fifty videos doesn’ mean 50 highly-produced videos that I shoot for you. Fifty videos can look like:

  • Making IG stories with your face in it, talking about your business or just talking about your favorite quarantine skill. (Unless it’s making bread. Please, we know that already.)

  • Tell your friend a story on video and send it in a text.

  • FaceTime with friends and get used to just having a camera in your face. (I bet you’ve already done this in the last few months!)

  • Take a video of you singing in the car! (Eye of the Tiger, baby!)

Imagine all of these as trial runs. It’s practice that makes a permanent skill.

Those are the very practical ways to increase your video count. But aside from that, you also need to implement some serious mindset shifts.

1. Remember that people CRAVE authenticity.

No one can replace or recreate YOU and what you believe about your business. Your audience will sense how real you are and what you offer.

2. Let go of limiting beliefs.

We all have assumptions we’ve made about ourselves that we’ve let stick when we should have let them go. One of the most common limiting beliefs is, “I'm not good enough.”

  • The first step in overcoming it is just NOTICING it.

  • The second step is asking yourself, “Is there evidence to prove that this limiting belief is accurate?” Usually there isn’t… it’s just our mind turning insecurities into truths.

  • The third step would be to replace it with a TRUE statement. Say, “I am good enough,” or “my efforts today are contributing to my future success.”

So much of getting comfortable in front of a camera is about getting comfortable with yourself. Having worked with a wide range of personalities, the ones who are comfortable with their quirks and mistakes are the ones who exude the most confidence. (and embrace them, makes a great blooper reel!)

And just remember… that’s why you hire a videographer! The power of the post-production process is that I can smooth out the “ummms” or awkward pauses you made while trying to get to the next line.

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