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How to keep your business in business

Right now, we’re seeing in REAL TIME which companies are built to last, and which ones are not. Companies like Nike do fine during a pandemic because they have done the hard work of creating an infrastructure that withstands economic downturns. But if you walk down the streets of San Clemente where I live, it’s clear which businesses are struggling right now because they don’t have the right set-up to weather the storm.

As a videographer in the field of marketing, I SEE how real the statistics are that 78% of people would prefer to watch video over text. So, as your go-to video gal, I want to talk to YOU about having video as a part of YOUR business infrastructure.

When you have video strategy as a part of the framework of your business, you are going to be able to stay in front of your customers or clients because you'll have the best online presence out there. Let me tell you why video is SO important:

1. You show up with authority

When you show up on video, you give off CONFIDENCE. When you do it consistently, you become an authority in the field.

2. You become someone they KNOW

When you show up consistently, they get to know you, your business, and probably your go-to happy hour drink. They feel CONNECTED to you, which builds the know/like/trust factor.

3. It takes 50 videos to get comfortable on camera

So… if you actually want to get comfortable, you better start recording yesterday. No excuses, just push record! This allows you to get used to the lights, the teleprompter, the mic, and even just being vulnerable and showing up. The more you do it, the more it looks and feels like YOU!

All of these factors are helping my clients stay consistent in their offerings right now AND in the post-pandemic world.

  • Marriage 365 has 11 forms of revenue, and two of them are video- based. They have a monthly webcast for their paid subscribers AND they offer online courses. Both of these options serve their clients well and make it sustainable in challenging times.

  • Stu Wann with the Wann Group shows up consistently, stays up to date with the times, and builds trust with his audience. They know he’s always creating new content, always showing up and continuing to build relationships.

So what are you waiting for? A few weeks ago I encouraged you to push record while quarantined. Don’t just stop there. Make it a VITAL part of your business. I have a GOOD feeling your clients will be glad you showed up.

Have a good one!


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