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Maximize your time with batch shooting content

All right, let’s be honest. As entrepreneurs, we are juggling a LOT of hats. We’re juggling marketing strategy, continuing education, gaining new leads, and doing the actual work of serving our clients faithfully and consistently. We’ve got plenty to do with a limited amount of time.

So let’s talk about how to maximize your video marketing strategies with batch shooting content.

When you do any kind of video shoot, you’re inevitably going to get dressed up, cleaned up, hair and makeup done, and generally prep your mind, body, and spirit to be ready to be vulnerable and engaging on camera.

If you’re going to go through all that (and let’s be real here, wearing REAL CLOTHES right now is a LOT), then you should take advantage of the video shoot prep and batch shoot at MUCH as you can when we work together.

We all know that content is king, so it’s my goal to help YOU get all the content you can get your hands on in our time together.

When you hire me, you choose to shoot for a half day, four hours, or full eight hours.

The best way to maximize our time is to plan for multiple videos in that time frame.

Here are a few examples to get your brain moving on how YOU can take advantage of your fresh cut and memorized lines:

  • I was recently hired for a realtor and an interior designer for a half day shoot. I did the listing video that showcases the tour of the house and then for the last hour I shot footage for the interior designer. I brought my teleprompter and we shot a dozen under a minute videos for her to sprinkle throughout her marketing over the next month or so. Helloooo content reel!

  • For Marriage365 we'll knock out two webscasts that are anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes, all of which fits into a half day chunk of time.

  • For another realtor I work for, we batch shoot in 8 hour chunks and we pound out 21 videos, which gives him about 3 months of content. You better believe his clients enjoy his consistency!

  • Aaaand for ME and my own marketing strategy, I practice what I preach! When I have the lights and camera all set up, I set aside a half day to make sure I can batch shoot my OWN marketing content.

And after that long day is done, then I go to town and I edit them all away and you get your awesome content within three to four weeks.

If you’re reading this and wondering HOW you can figure out what to say on camera for four hours, worry no more. Find out more about what to say on camera here.

Our time is money, people! Whether your video is a minute long or an hour long, batch shooting takes a lot of energy (coffeeeee), but it's SO worth it!

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