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Why this video I made got over 25k+ views

So back in 2020 we ordered e-bikes and when we opened the manual on how to put them together it was a QR code to a YouTube video. Makes sense, it's always easier to show someone how to put something together then to line item by line item each step.

I noticed there was one big problem - it was made by Zugo and the guys putting it together were the guys who made the bike, like the engineers behind it all. So in my mind, I thought well, obviously you know how to put it together because, well duh you made it to begin with!

So we watched it & figured it out but… there were a few missing gaps in the video and given the fact that it was made by the Zugo engineers I thought it wasn’t that welcoming for the “average joe” that would most likely be putting the bike together.

When we got the next bike delivered a couple days later I told Marc we are making a proper tutorial!

So I set up my iPhone and filmed a video not a timelapse so I had control of when to speed it up when I edited it.

After we assembled it I recorded the audio and shot a few extra clips needed like plugging in the battery, etc.

& hit publish!

I knew that there was only one other Zugo assembly video out there so, I had a hunch that my video would perform pretty well. With the Youtube algorithm wanting fresh content often and knowing the average joe would be able to watch & properly assemble the bike correctly gave it the search capability to perform well.

Sure enough it got 10K+ views in the first month or so.

And after Zugo got word that I created it they emailed me saying they appreciated it so much they wanted to use it as their official assembly video (which I obviously agreed to). They also sent new backup tubes for our tires & handlebars as a thank you.

Bottom line, this comes down to seeing a problem in a topic (which happened to be e-bikes), noticing there weren't any new original videos on this topic, and making a video that would be helpful to the audience members in that field.

I encourage you to use that same line of logic for your field! Are there any areas in your field not being served with videos that you could easily answer?

Check out Zugo bikes, they're pretty awesome.

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