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Why Every Business Should Use Video

So you have big 2020 goals? GREAT!

Video marketing needs to be apart of your plan! Here are 3 reasons WHY:

1) Shows your audience who you are

2) Demonstrates your expertise

3) Lets your audience know what they can expect out of you

Stats to prove it:

- 85% of U.S. Internet users enjoy video content

- Videos engage viewers on your website longer (a staggering 88%)

- Video is MORE CAPTIVATING than text!


Showing your audience who you are:

- Is building an online presence

- Social media shows credibility

- Builds connection (People buy from people so it’s showing you’re a human, you’re passionate about what you do, and you have something GREAT to offer them)

- Quality service / product they can expect

Demonstrates Expertise:

- 72% of people would rather learn through a video than reading

You have a lot of knowledge about your field of expertise when you show up you’re sharing it in an easier, faster, consumable way. You are submerged in your business but think about top 3 questions you get asked

- Make videos about those topics

- Heightens your credibility

- Creates shareable content

What to Expect

- When you consistently show up on social media (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook) you are telling your audience "This is what I offer!"

- Cueing your audience into the voice & personality that’s behind the screen

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