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Update your Instagram Bio

How to update your IG bio. You want to be really clear about who you are and what you offer.

Additionally, either a peek into who you are, something more personal and fun about you OR a strong call to action for your customer to take the next step with you (which is your lead generator). We’ll touch more on what a lead generator does and how it helps your business later.

Let me break this down:

Take a look at my profile

Tip: Use emojis to help illustrate your point.

Be clear: who you are + what you offer + a call to action.

Let’s use another example, a counselor. You’re going to want to say who you are so your name or the name of the company. Next what you specifically offer in a concise sentence.

Use this template: I (insert action) for (who) so they can (what)?

So something like, “I help young adults who struggle with anxiety overcome the feeling and live with confidence” or “Helping individuals and families anchor their lives on the truth and hope of Jesus”.

Tip: By offering a free cheat sheet or guide will increase your value to the customer. You are demonstrating that you are the guide that can help them get to their goal.

The free cheat sheet or guide is a lead generator for you. It generates warm leads to snag your offer because learning that tip is helpful to them. Think, for your customer it should be an easy, “oh yes I need that!” It should be an enticing offer.

By the way, if you want to keep track of all your video content, download the free video production sheet. See what I did there ;)

Updating your Instagram bio will feel so good because it’s one of the beginning steps to get your marketing on the right page. Your bio will be clear, concise and memorable!

The takeaway should be they can click away from your page knowing exactly who you are and what you offer.

One last example of a startup company that hasn’t posted any content yet but is laying the groundwork for a solid launch.

Have fun with drafting and finalizing your new instagram bio.

Definitely if you have more than one offer for your customer, create a linktree to give options to snag freebies, read more, watch on other platforms, etc.

Linktree™ | The Only Link You'll Ever Need. It’s a free site that allows you to structure your Instagram link to have multiple links within one.

See mine for example

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