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How to use a teleprompter & look natural

Many of my clients use scripts or a teleprompter to nail exactly what they want to say. There’s a lot of benefits to using a teleprompter when recording videos and just a few downsides. My biggest tip when using a teleprompter is you need to know your material

Obviously you’ll need to think through, write out your main points or full script & practice your natural inflections

Here are some benefits to using a teleprompter and a few tricks to make it look natural


  1. Can word for word read your lines

  2. You can control the speed to follow your cadence

  3. Seamless IF you know your material

  4. It’s not obvious you’re reading from a screen

    1. Better than notes below the camera because then you keep looking down

    2. Better than using a clicker in your hand for powerpoint slides

Downsides to using it:

  1. If you don’t know your material

    1. It can look & sound fake

    2. The ending can sound awkward

  2. Can’t use slides with images, just text

  3. If the text is too small your squint

Quick tips:

  1. Size of teleprompter (I have two), how’s your vision?

  2. Need to already know your material

  3. Practice beforehand

  4. Know your inflections

  5. Email me your *latest* edition

  6. Have a strong ending (end on a low inflection)

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