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How to Schedule Posts on Instagram with Later

Staying consistent in publishing content can feel daunting, that’s why creating a system of content creation is important but also a scheduling system to go with it. If you’re struggling with what video ideas are right for your business be sure to watch my video on 10 video ideas for your social media.

Later is a free service that automatically posts pictures to your instagram page. There is a paid version that allows you to post videos, but I have a work around if you’re not wanting to pay right now. Later is a software that’s available on your desktop and phone.

Step 1 - create an account

Use your email and create a password. You will need to connect your account with your FB business page, which allows the program to auto post to your instagram feed.

Step 2 - upload your media to the library section

Again, the free version will not allow you to auto-post videos. Here’s my workaround - I take a screenshot of the part of the video that I want to be my cover image that will show on my feed. If you’re a client of mine, you know for your videos I put the cover at the first half second of the video clips you can easily find & select it on instagram.

I upload that screenshot onto Later as a media, I write out the caption and then have it send me a notification on my phone when it’s time to post. This allows me to copy the caption through Later, I then find the video on my phone, select the same cover image and paste the caption.

Step 3 - drag & drop to schedule

Drag a photo to the day and time you’d like to post it. Note - through Instagram you can see the analytics for the best time to post for your audience. Later will then prompt you to write a caption.

Step 4 - write captions

Think about your ideal client avatar and what they want to hear from you. Be sure to use some good searchable hashtags that are about the size of your Instagram following.

Step 5 - preview your feed

In preview you can see how your instagram grid will look when you’ve scheduled all your posts. This is a great way to stay on brand using the same colors and style of photos or videos keeping that consistency.

I’d recommend scheduling about a month of content and studying the analytics on what worked that month.

Hope you found this video helpful, if so be sure to like this blog!

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