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How to Prepare for a Video Shoot Day

For whatever reason getting on camera makes us super nervous & uncomfortable....

Tip 1 - Know your message

Keep it simple.Whether it be bullet points or full on scripts, know what you’re going to be sharing! Review it beforehand (don't worry about memorizing, I have a teleprompter to help you nail it)

Tip 2 - Have outfit options

Think about your brand, the colors most importantly. Whatever encompasses a daily attire or summation of your brand, wear that! If you’re shooting over a dozen videos, bring at least 6 different outfits (or at least different shirt / jacket combos).

Tip 3 - Go 10% more

In an authentic way. When you’re on camera it is best to be confident, clear and concise . Give 10% more energy, confidence, mmmfff to it so you have that extra pazza. When you go 10% more, when you turn on, when you amp it up just that little bit more you will be more engaging for your audience

Tip 4 - Know it’s okay to mess up

You’re a human, and that’s the magic of editing. Know that Oops* make for a perfect blooper reel. Whether it be a second take or a seventieth, you’re okay! We have time, the camera has the space, and we want to get it right.

Tip 5 - Think about setting

and weather… If it’s your living room / backyard / personal office, ask yourself does this resemble my brand? If so, clear the space and clutter and make sure it’s clean for the shoot. Note if it’s loud? Noise is very important in creating good quality videos. Let’s choose a location that is quiet and easy to control the lighting

Tip 6 - Plan for energy refills

Like a snack or a quiet minute. Being in front of the camera is exhausting because you’re having to be *on* for a duration of time so plan to re-energize. Pack your favorite snacks or energy drinks that fuel you up. If you’re an introvert, plan to have a quiet minute and tell me!

When you hire me, know I’m gonna be a cheerleader for you, who's going to make you feel good, look good, sound good and ultimately attract your ideal customers right to ya.

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