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How to make consistent videos for social media

You’ve heard it said a million times, you need to be consistent on social media. If you’re like me, you follow the wave of inspiration that strikes you at midnight and come up with a few pieces of content that feel semi ready to post.

You & I need to be better at staying consistent because it helps our viewers know they can expect high quality content from you and it helps the algorithm know you are a user that’s here to participate not just observe.

Consistency comes down to planning ahead. Imagine having a library of content chalked full of videos, lifestyle photos of you and your team, graphics that are eye catching and all of it ready at your fingertips. Sounds nice, right?

We all want to grow our social media pages, but more so we want to grow our impact. The best way to predict your future is to create it. And today, right now is your time.

Having consistent videos to post on social media comes down to these 6 steps.

Number 1 - Batch shoot videos & photos

Batch shooting is allotting a specific amount of time to create something. Depending on your consistency goals, whether it be posting a video weekly, daily, or bi-monthly you need to set aside 4 hours, a day or even two to load up your content.

You might be asking yourself, what can I say for that long? That’s where preparing your content comes in key. I have a freebie linked below that’s all about how to prepare for your shoot day.

Number 2 - Plan your content

A lack of preparing is preparing to fail. We want to prepare for success. You might already be an expert in your field and know exactly who your target audience is so whenever you're thinking about making content, ask yourself, “what would they want to hear/learn/see from me?”

Are you a realtor who is specific to a local area? You can highlight local businesses, shopping centers, parks to demonstrate you are an expert in the neighborhood.

Maybe you’re a business coach who’s helped hundreds of entrepreneurs accomplish their goals. What will future clients be wanting to know about you? Maybe how to set a vision for their business, or how to figure out who their ideal customer is.

You want to plan content that’s around what they need and want from you.

Do research and always be testing. I like to view social media as a giant great big experiment that I constantly get to test on.

Number 3 - Assign Yourself a Publishing Schedule

I use . It's a free (& paid options available) social media scheduling site that allows you to load that library of content and schedule each day your pictures, videos and captions.

Facebook has its own version of this on the backend of it’s site which is also free.

Number 4 - Write with that avatar in mind

I’m still learning this but the more practice you do the better you get. I have an avatar named Adam and whenever I’m writing out a post or blog I think about that person. Be personal, be helpful & be you.

Number 5 - Analyze the Data

If you’re just doing what you think works, how will you actually know besides views or comments? Instagram & YouTube have great analytics so you can see what your audience liked most, how long they watched, the biggest reach you got on it, etc.

I recommend looking at them once a month noting impressions, engagements and follows. From there, you can make more content that’s similar.

Number 6 - Repeat & Pivot

Staying consistent is key, so keep repeating the process and studying the analytics to find out what’s working. Pivot as needed.

If you’re the realtor who highlighted a local business and got a ton of engagement, make another piece of content like that of another local restaurant.

If the graphic post didn’t get much reach or engagement, - work on improving the graphics or do less of those.

I hope you take these steps seriously so you can be consistent in your marketing efforts. Be sure to like this video if you got value from it.

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