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How to download videos from Dropbox

First I’m going to show you if you’re downloading videos from your desktop, how to get them on your phone.

Step 1 - select the video or videos

By checking the box in the upper left you select all, by checking one box you're selecting one video.

See all videos are selected.

See just one video is selected.

Step 2 - push download

Now the video will show up in your download folder on your computer

If your computer says the scratch disks are full you will need to get an external hard drive to store your files or a cloud storage system. I have both and they are linked.

Step 3 - airdrop the video to your phone

Step 4- create an album on your phone

Once you’ve airdropped, select the one video or multiple videos and create an album naming it the video series.

Doing this will make it easy to find when you are posting in on instagram

Now, you’re ready to post!

Tip - once you’ve airdropped the videos, clear your download folder to remove the space those files will take up on your computer

How to download dropbox videos from your phone

Step 1 - find the video on Dropbox app

Step 2 - download

Tap the 3 dots on the right

Export the file

Save video

Now the video is in your photo album

From here, I’d recommend creating a new album in your photos app to put all the videos in so they’re easy to find when you’re uploading to Instagram

Step 3- downloading cover images

tap the 3 dots on the right

Export the file

Save image

Bonus - how to select the cover photo for IGTV

First download the thumbnails the same way you did the videos

Next airdrop them onto your phone

Then create an album called “thumbnails for video series”

Open instagram, select the video you want to post, go to the next slide and select upload cover image.

Find the album you created, and select the photo that goes with that video.

Now, you’re ready to post!

If you still have questions or experienced an issue, please let me know by leaving a comment below.

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