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Using graphics to ramp up your video

Regardless of what type of video you make for your business, you should have SOME text and graphic. But, how much and what kind you use will depend on the type of video you use. If you’re doing ANY kind of educational content, graphics are HUGE.

Before I go into the types of graphics to use, let’s get real clear on WHY we use graphics in video. This will help us have an intentional strategy behind them.

Graphics are the visual cue to:

  1. Pay attention -- Think the “bold words” in a textbook. Our eyes are trained to pause and say “hey, I should listen more clearly now.”

  2. Look at the facts -- narrowing in on the key data that will stick once they’ve moved on to the next video in their feed. 78% of people prefer to watch video over text? Yeah, you’ll remember that number.

  3. Drives your point across -- Instead of just repeating verbally what you want your audience to hear, the graphics do that for you.

Another HUGE reason WHY it’s important to use graphics is because of Instagram. 200 million Instagram users visit one business profile EVERY day. And of those Instagram users, there's something like 80% of people that watch videos without audio on. So educational videos REALLY need subtitles so that people can read and follow along without the audio on because they're either at work, or they're sitting on the toilet. (You KNOW this is true.)

Let’s break down this down a bit more.

So, let’s say you want an educational video on why customers shouldn’t worry about working with you during this pandemic. Not only would we come up with great content to shoot, we’d really want to make sure the whole package connects to your target audience. I’d work through the TYPES of graphics. I.e. lower thirds, text overlay with a whole screen background, etc.

When we’re determining the graphics after the shoot, we’d tie in sound effects to serve as an auditory cue to match the graphics and sift through some of the resources I have.

Last but DEFINITELY not least, we would make sure the graphics reflect and enhance your brand colors, fonts, etc. This is another SUPER strategic way that you build know/like/trust factor (Hey oh! Who doesn’t want that?).

Want to know more about educational videos and how you bring them into your business? Check out these examples from my clients:

A Branding Video for San Clemente Preschool

A Recap video of an Event for We Are Brave Together

An Instagram video of educational content for Stu Wann, using both subtitles for the full script and an extra graphic to highlight the point.

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