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How to make a brand

There’s a restaurant in my town that makes the BEST house-made margaritas. There are a few Mexican restaurants in the area, but EVERYONE knows this place is the go-to for when you want some KILLER margs to go with your Taco Tuesday.

The margs, along with their service and who they are, is a part of their brand.

Whether you’re a Mexican restaurant offering the best house-made margaritas in town, a coffee shop with the best cold brew, or a therapist offering innovative strategies to help people rethink mental health and wholeness, you have a brand.

If you want that brand known by the masses-- or if you want to help manage the message of your brand-- you need to clarify your branding.

Some of you know this and you’re just unsure of how to actually pull that off. Some of you still need convincing on why your product or service needs video (here’s something else to help you.)

Let me break this down for you. Every brand should have 3-4 pillars. Here’s what that looks like:

Pillar 1: This is all about YOU.

  • Who you are, why you got into the business, and why you’re still recording that podcast, still selling those homes, or still making that coffee.

Pillar 2: Show your audience exactly WHAT you offer.

  • If you’re in the product-based industry, make sure you’re showcasing that in the wild, where your ideal client is likely to naturally need/want/use it.

  • If you’re in the service-based industry, talk about who this is for, how they will use your service, and how your life will be better once they’ve had their taxes done by you or how they need your cupcakes at their next birthday party.

Pillar 3: Show your expertise and HOW it impacts your clients needs.

  • If you’re a car mechanic, talk about how the beach climate can impact cars. If you’re a therapist, talk about the busy schedules and how your telecommunication can simplify the process.

  • Show you know them, their needs, and how you can meet them.

While you’re talking about your three pillars, you’re also:

  1. Educating your audience on what it’s like to work with you

  2. Speaking directly to the pain points of your idea client, drawing them in and positioning you as a solution to their problems.

If after all this you’re still scratching your head, JUST YOU WAIT! I have the perfect resource to help you write your brand video script. If you're on my email list, you'll get an exclusive sneak peak later this week as I launch something JUST for you. Not on the list? We can fix that problem right here.

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