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2022 Video Trends..... CHALLENGES!

2022 video trends I'm already seeing (as a videographer)


Short form videos that challenge your audience to participate in an action with you everyday for a clear time span

So each of these challenges focuses on ONE topic and for the duration of the challenge and participants are encouraged to take an action step.

A Few Examples of Video Challenges

I’ve seen artists challenge their audience to join with them in painting one thing everyday for the year.

I’ve seen a sex educator challenge her audience in a “4 times of connection throughout the day” and she gave examples for her audience to implement.

Another common challenge you see around December is 12 days of BLANK. A client of mine who’s a firearm company did TRB 12 days of dry fire drills Christmas challenge.

Each day they demonstrated a dry fire drill and encouraged viewers to practice themselves!

I want to highlight that challenges can work for social media posts or stories and bigger companies that have membership sites.

How can you make this work for your business?

Product Company Challenges

Product companies can challenge their audience to show how their consumers use their products. For example, a coffee company could do 7 days of coffee cups.

So as simple as tag us in your Instagram story everyday showing us how you make your coffee each morning!

Service Company Challenges

Let’s talk about how this can work for a service company.

Think about your ideal customer avatar and think about a practical step for them to achieve a quick win.

Myself for example, as a videographer I want to encourage fellow business owners to get in front of the camera. I could do a “show your face for 7 days challenge!” where I invite my participants to hop in front of the camera on their instagram stories because in my opinion this is a low bar ask.

So for 7 days record yourself and talk about what you the business owner is doing behind the scenes in the day to day. Or show what clients you’re working with.

Why do challenges work?

The video trend of challenges requires participation. We’re all inundated with videos I think challenges are so different because they invite viewers into something.

Another reason they work so well is because they’re typically short videos, anywhere from a minute to 5 minutes. So it’s an easy piece of content to consume with an actionable step.

Hope this gave you an idea of a challenge that you can encourage your audience to participate in and how you can get creative with whatever business you run!

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