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10 video Ideas for your social media

You might feel stuck coming up with video ideas that’s why I’m going to give 10 ideas any business can use. Be sure to jot down this list so you can start nailing the details.

Number One: an on-going series

For example a client of mine has a non-profit organization that serves women who have children with special needs. She was looking for a way to connect with her tribe on a weekly basis & so we came up with the idea of an on-going series called “Truth telling tuesday”. So think about your audience & what would be helpful to them. For example, you could do your favorite books series, or fun fact friday series.

Number Two: Educational

These can be very easy to come up with because you can just think about common questions you answer in your business. You could educate on vocabulary in your industry or products you use.

Number 3: Get to know me

These types of videos help your viewers humanize you. You could make a video that’s 5 things you didn’t know about me, how I got into this career, or what I wish I knew about starting this job.

Number 4: Highlight power partners

This could be an interview style or you can get more creative on your take by showing the process of how the two of you interact. For example, power partners could be realtors & a mortgage loan officer, or a professions organizer & dump removal (yes this is actually a client of mine) or videographer & editor.

Number 5: Introduce your team

People buy from people so the more you humanize your company the better. And when you introduce your team you’re allowing your viewers to get to know you and inside your business all the more.

Number 6: Client testimonials

Come up with a list of questions to ask a former client that helps showcase what transformation you helped them with. The questions could be: what was your experience working with me? How did you feel during the process? Would you recommend me?

Number 7: Brand video

This is an overview of who you are + what you do + who you serve. I have the easiest script to write for your brand video linked below, so be sure to check it out!

Number 8: If you’re speaking or teaching an in-person workshop, video it!

This way you are maximizing your time. You can repurpose that content to either promote your next workshop or create an online version of your teaching.

Number 9: Tutorial on how to use your products / how to book your services

For example, a client of mine is a fragrance oil company. Most of their customers use the fragrance oils to craft their own products. So this company puts together how-to videos of various crafts that their customers can create with their fragrance oil products.

If you’re a service based business you could walk through the process of how to book your services and the information you need from your new customers.

Number 10: Behind the scenes of your day to day life

As an entrepreneur you do so many tasks for your business that your viewers don’t get to see on a day to day basis. Tip: this is a great thing to do on Instagram stories.

I hope you started brainstorming a list of video ideas you can implement in your business. Be sure to like this blog if you got value from it.

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