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The day I quit 🙈⁠
When people ask me how I go into my business the moment I pin it to is when Marc & I both started our Master's programs at the same time. He kept saying how excited he was to read his books and talk to his cohort about the stuff he was learning versus me...⁠⁠
I was dreading reading, going to class and procrastinating my workload.😬 So I quit my job and my Master's program that week & asked myself, "what sounds fun?"⁠⁠
I had always had a camera growing up and did photoshoots with friends & family or made vacation recap videos after we'd gone on a trip. So I hunkered down to learning. ⁠⁠
Youtub-ing everything I could learn about videography and photography. Then a couple months later I got my first clients.⁠⁠
I am so glad I did 🎉 🎉 🎉⁠⁠
Now I serve business owners who need consistent content to build their businesses!

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