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How's it going?

I'm Rachel Hughes

Video Strategist, Visionary,
Constantly Curious, Motivated by Money, Determined


I grew my creative side hustle to 6 figures from scratch.

I'm obsessed with helping creative side hustlers like you grow your business into your full-

time gig.



I'm a Southern California native who wanted a flexible schedule and a job I loved. So I quit grad school to pursue videography & photography, and I never looked back. I didn't go to school for this - but I started scrappy and figured out what works.

Tired of feeling stuck?

BTS of my life

Youngest child

Currently pregnant 

Married to a youth pastor

Big believer in passion projects (anything artsy ~ painting, screen printing, pottery, etc)

House projects are fun

to me (#DIYlife)


My students say...

"You changed my life. I'm living proof your teaching works"
- Greyden Fanning (videographer)

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